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Senior Agriculture and Trade Advisor

 A general statement about the aim of the agreement

USAID / Bangladesh's Senior Agriculture and Trade Adviser will support the implementation of high-priority U.S. government initiatives under the Mission's economic process (EG) portfolio. the most food is to support the Feed the longer term (FTF) programming and oversee the direct implementation and trade of activities to realize measurable leads to improving food security in Bangladesh and to raised connect Bangladesh's agriculture with the Indo-Pacific region by expanding the agricultural chain. A secondary function is to market better coordination and communication between the FTF and other easy activities.

Under the worldwide Food Security Strategy (FTF 2.0) and therefore the Indo-Pacific Strategy (IPS), the FTF Bangladesh portfolio is functioning together to further promote the supply, accessibility, and use of nutritious food. Bangladesh's FTF portfolio is evolving from a past specialize in agricultural production to a greater emphasis on market connectivity and trade. As a result, Bangladesh needs a piece of highly specialized knowledge to develop and implement programs aimed toward ensuring a sustainable and personal sector-led food security and program relevance with IPS.

Statement of Duty:

Veteran Agriculture and Trade Advisors provide strategic leadership in identifying and implementing innovative methods and best practices for achieving measurable leads to agricultural, trade, finance, private sector, and micro-enterprise development activities that improve food security in Bangladesh. The consultant also provides senior-level consultants and guidelines on project management, contract officer's representative/contract officer's representative (AOR / COR) responsibilities, and skills in agriculture. As S / he has worked with various agencies of us (USG) inter-agency and various public and personal sector teams in Bangladesh and abroad, he's expected to satisfy his assigned responsibilities with independent direct supervision.

In particular, Senior Agriculture and Trade Advisers are expected to serve within the following areas:

A. Strategies and technical guidelines for market management to strengthen food security:

The mission plays a key advisory role in implementing market systems and interesting in the private sector:

1. Conduct strategic analysis and research, review reports and technical proposals, and prepare detailed reports and briefing materials on issues associated with technical and programmatic approaches to the event of market systems in agriculture and beyond.

2. Easy Office Director, Deputy Director - FTF, Easy Team, Program Office, USAID Mission Management, and USAID-funded food security activities to advise the USG inter-agency on market management procedures and personal sector engagement.

B. Program Management:

The consultant is liable for managing a posh portfolio of food security activities also as strengthening market systems and personal sector spending and advising on how these activities can complement other private initiatives within the EC. S / he will also:

1. Conduct and oversee administrative and financial analysis, develop and track budget preparation, and oversee the implementation and other budgeting requirements for straightforward Portfolio.

2. Manage, oversee, and oversee the activities of Grants and/or Contractors implementing USAID's food safety activities. Keep contractors, recipients, and guarantors informed of USAID requirements and priorities.

3. Develop performance monitoring plans and monitor their implementation. Conduct evaluations and reports in support of Easy Portfolio.

4. Contact implementing contractors, recipients, and guarantors and visit project sites regularly.

5. Contribute to the event of all mission reports, including country operational plans, portfolio reviews; Semi-annual and annual reports; Quarterly financial reports; Quality evaluation, and site monitoring reports; Among others.

Program. to form recommendations to the mission regarding the direction and management of the program

C. Build strategic partnerships

The advisor is going to be liable for developing new and innovative partnerships and maintaining working relationships:

1. Build and maintain strategic partnerships with high-level GOB officials, private sector representatives, the donor community, and civil society, among new and existing partners, to reinforce collaborative efforts to realize mutual goals and objectives.

2. function a member of the USAID technical executive team and other relevant forums to plan and improve USAID and USG portfolios around market systems and personal sector engagement for sustainable food security.

De Mentor Junior Officer and Foreign Service Citizen (FSN)

The advisor will provide senior-level support, training, and mentoring to new and junior US Direct Hire and FSN staff performing on the FTFF portfolio, also as private sector engagement in food security development as specialized knowledge of technology and programming to reinforce the market system.

Supervisory Relationship

Senior Agriculture and Trade Adviser Easy has reported on to the Deputy Office Director - Future Feed Day.

Supervision control

Although he has directly investigated the longer term of the EG sub-office director - the senior agriculture and trade adviser should spontaneously execute an independent judgment to discharge his duties.

Physical needs

Field visits, frequent trips to remote villages, and countryside are required to successfully perform this position, which can involve various levels of stress and hardship. However, outside of the necessity for frequent travel, the requested work doesn't involve unreasonable physical needs.

2. Minimum qualification requirements for this position

To be considered for the position, a candidate must meet the minimum qualifications listed below.....

Education: Applicants must have a postgraduate degree in Economics, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Science, Business Administration, or related fields.

Previous Work Experience: Minimum fifteen years of leading responsible professional or program experience in agricultural development programs with market systems and/or private sector engagements and international donors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and/or governments. Previous experience with international development agencies' methods and activities (e.g., development methods, programming funding methods, goal setting, and monitoring results, and grants and contract award methods) is very anticipated.

Job Knowledge: Location requires specialized knowledge of technological and programmatic approaches to plug engagement and/or private sector engagement to enhance food security and trade, including agricultural value chain development, on-the-farm agricultural sector / market-led job creation, digital Includes knowledge on agriculture, digital business solutions, entrepreneurial innovation, and/or access to agricultural finance.

Important knowledge of program management and methods of monitoring and evaluation also as a good range of topics associated with agricultural development is required. Expert knowledge is required within the design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and best practice of agricultural development programs, including collaboration, learning, and adaptation strategies. Knowledge of strategies, programs, and procedures of other donor agencies is required within the field of livelihood. Extensive knowledge of the structure and effectiveness of the USG is predicted as knowledge of how agriculture and trade can contribute to the objectives of the Indo-Pacific Strategy.

Skills and Skills: Requires strong analytical, management, and organizational skills. The position requires expertise in strategic planning, technical and socio-economic analysis, and demonstration of budget preparation and reporting skills. Discretionary confidentiality, sensitivity, courtesy, and maturity are mandatory because USAID will represent the applicant in meetings with high-level Bangladeshi officialdom and with the private sector and donor partners. The applicant should be processed with strong interpersonal and intercultural skills, skills to figure within a team structure, and minimal supervision. Strong leadership and negotiation skills are required. Getting acquainted (gain, obtain) with Microsoft Access and PowerPoint is desirable.

Leadership and diplomatic skills are needed as incoming individuals will work with new private sector partners, technical and senior GoB officials, USAID implementing partners, academia, donors, the media, the judiciary, and civil society to deal with issues and make further progress toward food security development. Bangladesh and trade within the Indo-Pacific region.

Language Skills: Excellent English writing and speaking skills required. The candidate must have an indication ability to speak complex policy, strategy, and program topics orally and in writing during a clear, concise, and integrated manner.

Deadline: August 28, 2020, Dhaka Dhaka, Bangladesh time at 4:30 pm civil time

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