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How does one sell a $1,000 phone during a pandemic? With Note 20, Samsung features a plan

How does one sell a $1,000 phone during a pandemic? With Note 20, Samsung features a plan

Virtual sales pitches and consultations. Touchless in-store device demos. Deals galore. Those are just a few of the plans in Samsung's playbook for selling phones during an epidemic. 

On Wednesday, the South Korean electronics giant unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 2 alongside the $999 Note 20, the $1,299 Note 20 Ultra, the $649 Galaxy Tab S7 tablet, the $399 Galaxy Watch 3, and therefore the $170 Galaxy Buds Live earbuds. Samsung will begin taking preorders for the new Notes on Aug. 6 at 12:01 a.m. ET (that's Aug. 5 at 9:01 p.m. PT). Orders will ship to arrive on or around Friday, Aug. 21. 
Samsung hasn't yet detailed pricing or availability for the Fold 2 but said it'll share more information on Sept. 1. the primary generation of the device cost $1,980 and came with 4G within the US. The new model packs in 5G connectivity across the three major US carriers, a glass screen, and a redesigned hinge, all of which could make it even costlier. 

Samsung, which recently lost its crown because the world's biggest phone maker to Huawei, is launching its new devices during a tough environment. rather than facing a robust marketplace for phones, with 5G and foldable screens getting people to upgrade their devices, most handset makers are seeing lower demand amid the raging coronavirus pandemic. many people are out of labor, many thousands have died and regions around the globe still battle a seemingly unending surge in infections. Consumers are choosing less costly devices, saving their money altogether, or spending their cash on PCs and other work-from-home and entertainment supplies.
Samsung's task with its new lineup is finding buyers willing to hand over a grand or two during an epidemic and recession. The new products were designed before the novel coronavirus spread around the globe, which meant Samsung couldn't tweak the Note 20 or its other new devices to deal with the pandemic. 

What it could do, though, was change how it goes about selling the Note 20 and therefore the Note 20 Ultra, Drew Blackard, vice chairman of product management for Samsung Electronics America, said in an interview before Wednesday's event. 

"It was a touch more of how you react to the present situation as against quite retool everything that you're doing," Blackard said. "Despite the very fact that we couldn't change the device, we considerably rethought how we attend the market."
That includes those virtual consultations that'll make the web buying interaction more just like the in-store experience. Touchless digital demos will give in-store shoppers a glimpse into the Note's features, right from their own devices. And Samsung is exploring ways to tailor its future products and services to the requirements of individuals who have largely stuck reception, like making it easier to trace fitness and stay healthy while quarantining. 

Lower phone sales
Samsung's phone sales have taken successful during the pandemic. Its Galaxy S20 lineup became available a few weeks before parts of the US issued stay-at-home orders. Because consumers were worried about money -- and couldn't see the new devices face to face -- demand fell. Last week, Samsung said its mobile business revenue tumbled 18% from the previous year. 
In the second quarter, Apple was the sole smartphone vendor that saw its shipments grow, consistent with Canalys. Apple's iPhone SE, its first major revamp of its popular small phone in four years, arrived in mid-April with a starting price of $399. That appeared to be the right phone for the days and helped buoy Apple's results. The device costs $300 but the iPhone 11 but contains many of equivalent specs, appealing to people that can't afford a $700 phone, including a $1,000 iPhone 11 Pro. 

Samsung, despite launching its new Galaxy S20 lineup in March and its less costly Galaxy A phones, saw the most important year-over-year drop of the world's top five phone makers within the second quarter, Canalys said. Its 30% decline allowed Huawei to leapfrog Samsung to become the world's biggest smartphone vendor for the primary time, the firm noted. it had been the primary time in nine years that a corporation aside from Samsung or Apple shipped the foremost phones.

Samsung, during a statement, said it'll still "focus on creating innovative mobile experiences that improve our users' lives." a part of that has its new devices from Unpacked, and it noted during its earnings in late July that it also will strengthen its "mass-market lineup" of less costly phones.

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