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New iPhone 12 release date, price & specs rumors |

iPhone 12: The new Apple iPhone 12 is looking incredible and we finally got some great news to share with you guys right after this. If you're new here and want to stay up to date with the latest tech please hit subscribe followed by the bell you can also keep up on Facebook,  Instagram and Twitter by clicking the links in the description. So this week we've got plenty of news on the Apple iPhone 12 we've got new design leaks full launch details hardware information and more news of a cheaper iPhone 12.  

New iPhone 12 release date, price & specs rumors

before we get into it though please  like the video if youre a fan of apple  and let me know in the comments what  device youre watching this video on  but first of all for those of you that  are hoping for a cheaper iphone 12  theres more talk of a cheaper 4g only  iphone 12 but it will be coming later  on wedbush have revised their initial  statement and said that after their  supply chain checks they believe there  is going to be a 4g lte only version  but its not going to be coming until  2021 next up weve got news of the  camera lenses affecting the iphone 12  productions but apparently its not  going to be affecting the launch  reliable analyst ming chi kuo has  advised that genius electrical optical  have had issues with the coatings on the  wide angle cameras designed for the two  lower end iphone 12 the problems have  appeared during the high temperature and  humidity testing and they will of course  result in supply delays this is however  only expected to affect the shipping of  the iphone x and its thought that  theres going to be no change to the  launch speaking of the launch though  what come here now claims that he knows  the launch date along with everything  thats going to be included he tweeted  to say hes 50/50 between the 8th of  september or the 22nd of september and  its not going to be october like many  others are predicting he also gives us a  full list on what will be accompanying  at the iphone 12 at this event he  advises were going to start with the  video and some information 

followed  by the 8th gen iPad well then get to  see the apple watch 6 followed by the  iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 max we then  get air tag information followed by the 

iphone 12 pro and the iphone 12 pro max  and then we finish off with air power  of course weve got nothing to verify  this information but if he is correct  then the iphone 12 launch is going to be  a very exciting event next up weve got  a tweet from gwyo who tweeted a picture  of the iphone 12 pro screen panel  after taking dimensions he confirms  that the notch has not changed from  the predecessor now this could be very  bad news for those of you that have been  expecting a smaller notch in the iphone  12 but again this is just a tweet its  not 100 confirmed but at the same time  there is space needed for the face id  we also get news that foxconn have begun  their seasonal hiring spree offering  incentives for new qualified employees  this tells us that theyre gearing up  for the iphone 12 production as is the  case every single year all parts of  the supply chain are no doubt going  to be trying their hardest to speed  up production of the iphone 12 and  apples cfo already told us that the  release of the iphone 12 is only going  to be a few weeks later than planned  so well thats it for this weeks  news we already had a detailed spec  and design list for all four  models of the iphone 12.  

were going to run through it now but  for my regular viewers you guys have  already seen this bit so jump to  the next video but if youre new  here then hit subscribe now and  were going to get right into it  to start with weve got the entry-level  model of the apple iphone 12 and this  is just going to be called the iphone  12. its a 5.4 inch iphone with an oled  super retina display from samsung its  important to note straight off the bat  that super retina means absolutely  nothing so dont get too caught up on  that but nonetheless its going to be an  oled display with a resolution of 2340  by 1080 and this gives us 475 pixels  per inch and its got an 8-bit color  depth well there have been rumors of  all models having 120 hertz displays  unfortunately it appears that this  model is only going to be 60 hertz  its going to be equipped with  4 gigs of ram and its going to  come with the choice of 128 or 256  storage its got an aluminium frame  and of course it uses the apple  a14 bionic chip with 5g support  the iphone 12 is coming with dual  cameras on the rear and it will of  course be shipping with ios 14. for  those that want the 4 gig of ram with  128 storage its launching at a price  of 649 if you want to upgrade it to  the 256 gig iphone 12 then its 750.  next up weve got the iphone 12 max  to be clear this is the max and not  the pro max the iphone 12 max has a  6.1 inch oled display this again is a  super retina oled display and we believe  its now going to be manufactured  by either samsung or lg as boe did  not pass the quality assurance tests it  comes with a resolution of 2532 by 1170  and this gives us 460 pixels per inch  and again it has an 8-bit color depth we  get 4 gigs of ram a choice of 128 or 256  storage and of course the iphone 12 max  is powered by the a14 bionic chip its  got an aluminium frame a 5g connectivity  and it uses a dual camera setup on the  rear for those that want the 128 gig  iphone 12 max its going to  be launching at a price of 749  for those that want the 256 gig  version then the price rises to 849  next up weve got the iphone 12 pro  the iphone 12 pro also has a 6.1 inch  display so its actually the same size  as the iphone 12 max but we do have an  improved display in specs on the iphone  12 pro weve got a 6.1 inch super retina  oled display with pro motion and 10-bit  color depth the display is manufactured  by samsung and has a resolution of 2532  by 1170 giving us 460 pixels per inch  we are very hopeful of this 120  hertz pro motion display but its  still been unconfirmed and there are a  few 

people saying this may not happen  the iphone 12 pro comes with six  gigs of ram and a choice of 128  256 or even 512 gig storage it of course  ships with the apple a14 bionic chipset  and the iphone 12 pro is 5g compatible  it comes in a stainless steel frame  and on the rear we get a triple  camera setup along with a lidar  sensor for depth for the 128 gig  iphone 12 pro its going to be 999  for the 256 its 1099. for the 512  gig iphone 12 pro its gonna be 1299  last but not least we  have the iphone 12 pro max  the iphone 12 pro max comes with a 6.7  inch oled display again this is a super  retina display and hopefully with pro  motion we get a 10 bit color depth and  of course it is manufactured by samsung  its got a resolution of 2778 by 1284  and this gives us 458 pixels per inch  again we expect and hope its going  to be a 120hz pro motion display but  there are a few people saying otherwise  it comes with six gigs of ram and 128  256 or 512 internal storage its got  a stainless steel frame and the iphone  12 pro max is of course powered by the  a14 bionic chipset and this does have  5g support just like the iphone 12 pro  we get three cameras on the rear along  with a lidar sensor for those who want  the 128 gig iphone 12 pro max is  going to launch at a price of 1099  if you want the 256 gig version its  1199 and for those that want the most  expensive in the range the 512 iphone  12 pro max is going to be 

launching at  a whopping 1 399 now it is of course  important to note that these pricing  leaks came very early on from john  prosser he has provided plenty of  accurate leaks but also got some of them  wrong recently he also provided this  very early on so there is a chance that  things could change but personally i  think that theyre at least going  to be very close to what we see  overall the apple iphone 12 is proving  to be a great range of iphones that  many of you guys are looking forward to  its great that weve got all of this  information already but personally i do  like that we still have some uncertainty  as its nice to have some surprises  at launch while there may be delays  in the release date the launch is  expected to be on time and that  will of course be the 8th of september  this year given the current outbreak  its likely that its again going  to be an online-only launch event  similar to the last worldwide developer  conference as always though if any more  information comes to light ill be  sharing with you guys straight away  but as always id like to know  your thoughts in the comments  who out there is waiting for the apple  iphone 12 and what model are you waiting  for but thanks for watching the video  if you liked it smash a thumbs up  if you didnt hit the thumbs down twice  and ill see you guys in the next oneyou

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