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Top 10 best online jobs sites in India

Best online jobs sites: It is the priority of every youth to get gainful employment. A few decades ago, people's only option was to "know someone", referring them to job openings or browsing through the classifieds section of newspapers. In fact, it was a time when government jobs were the only good professional option for many talented Indians.

Top 10 best online jobs sites in India

Top 10 best online jobs sites in India

Due to economic liberalization, multinational companies have grown in India in the last 25 years in a big way. In almost every sector, there are crowds of companies with a huge workforce.

As India's economy grows by leaps and bounds, there will always be a need for talented professionals to work for these companies. In addition, the number of job portals has increased. It is estimated that more than 80% of the job vacancies are filled through the top 10 job portals in India.

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Also, the population of India is less than 35 years of population. With a young tech-savvy population, job portals provide easy access to many lucrative employment opportunities.

After this, the question remains, which ones are worth browsing. Ideally, a job seeker likes all available options under one roof. In addition, the quality of a job portal also determines the quality of job vacancies that are advertised on it.

Just for you, we decided to do deeper research in this area. Below, you will find a list

Best job portal in India for your ease and convenience job



Founded in 1997, the company's name means "Job". Among the first job portals in India, the job has expanded extensively over the years and created a new niche for itself in the world of staffing and human resources.

This company still enjoys around 60% market share in the Indian job hunting market. Just take a look at the numbers: already has around 50 million users and around 10,000 new resumes are updated every day by job seekers on the website. This is a testament to the powerful chuck of people who find employment using this website.

The best part of this website is that it is one of the top free job portals in India. Most users do not need to pay a dime to apply for a job on this site. Users can quickly signup and upload their resumes, if they are related to the creative industry they can share their website or portfolio in their profile. However, Naukri has now expanded its offering and also has a premium membership-based service, which promises to match you with the best jobs in your domain based on your profile and qualifications.

2. Shine


Owned by popular newspaper company Hindustan Times Group, Shine has emerged as one of the top job portals in India as serious competitors. Many multinationals post their top jobs on Shine, along with jobs and others, to gain access to the best available pool of talent.

The specialty of the company is that it positions itself aggressively for those who are already employed and looking for a change. Towards that end, Shine has launched a number of customized services aimed towards young professionals. One of the best features of their website is the "resume builder" service. For a membership fee, Shine gives you direct access to some of the best HR professionals and career advisors, who work at every step to help you write a resume and write. Once done, this resume will be shown by Shine to all the top employers in your area of ​​professional expertise.

Other specialties provided by Shine include access to a customized recruiter who will work specifically for you and ensure that your resume reaches the right professionals in the industry. But even then if you don't want to pay the full fine: all recruits on Shine are free to use and can only be implemented by signing up on the page.

3. Monster


Monster is one of the world's largest job search engines and certainly one of the top job portals for young professionals in India. You can actually call it the Google of the job search world.

Headquartered in the United States, Monster is a global behemoth that has made India one of its major markets. The USP of Monster lies in the fact that a variety of jobs with international companies are posted on this job portal. So, if you are a young professional looking for a mid-level position, Monster will have some of the best multinationals for your attention. In addition, Monster is also one of the best job portals for Indians, especially in the Middle East and Southeast Asia looking for foreign jobs.

Monster VT and verified companies posting jobs on their website. As a result, you are guaranteed that a certain advertising position and company is legitimate and reliable. In addition, Monster has expanded extensively into small and medium business markets to focus on jobs with these companies. As a result, it is one of the best job portals for startup jobs in India.


As the name suggests, this site is tailored to those seeking their first job. For this unique focus, Freshersworld is one of the top job portals in India for freshers.

The portal currently has a database of over 1 crore and all of them are from freshers. Freshersworld works with some of the biggest corporate names worldwide to secure the best possible placements for those who are out of college with no experience. The job portal also has tie-ups with over 100 Indian cities and actively works with them to find placements for new job seekers.

On their website, jobs are organized according to the specific sector and industry you are searching for. In addition, there is also a separate filter to separate jobs based on your cities, especially if you do not want to move to a new location.

Another great value-addition provided by Freshersworld is their daily job alert emails that you can subscribe to based on your choice. In addition to this, Freshersworld also has an email newsletter that keeps you posted about current affairs events and news from the corporate and business world which helps you perform amazingly well in your job interviews.


However, this is not a traditional job site, if you are a professional, you need a profile on LinkedIn. The portal is more positioned as a networking and job search platform for professionals around the world. LinkedIn allows you to create a profile and then connect with others in the industry or corporate, regardless of their location.

It is said that some of the best job positions are vacant, although word-of-mouth references and recommendations. This is where LinkedIn comes from. Your profile is an extended version of your resume, and therefore, there is really no need to create a separate one. In addition, your connections can support you for different skills and write you recommendations, which allows a prospective employer to get a better idea of ​​your skillset and qualities. Thanks to its social-networking nature, LinkedIn is an easy way to get direct access to some of the world's top professionals and managers without having to go through the HR department.

In addition, LinkedIn has a job function where some of the fresher jobs globally are advertised on a daily basis. Thanks to your LinkedIn profile, applying for these jobs is just one-click away without the need to upload resumes and go through lengthy processes. LinkedIn allows you to write blog posts on topics of your expertise and share links to the things you are reading and liking. As a result, you have access to a repository of knowledge and also have the opportunity to initiate dialogue with hundreds of corporate mentors based on your specific interest areas.


FreelanceMyWay is an innovative solution that connects businesses and freelancers around the world. It is an easy, inexpensive, simple, and reliable means of communication. Both are built and run by freelancers and entrepreneurs who are aware of the shortcomings of the industry and will overcome excellence with skills and experience.

Graphic designer, app and website programmer, writer, logo designer, admin support, data entry professionals, and many more. Looks for an entrepreneurial spirit, quality written and oral communication skills, time and consistency skills, and most importantly exceptional skills with respect for customers.

Featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Small Business Trends, Boss magazine, and more.

Caliber focuses on clients and freelancers with excellence in customer service. Gives importance to both time and talent. Completely satisfactory for both parties.


Is actually An US-based job search engine that has now expanded to more than 60 countries worldwide. As soon as you log in to this job portal, the first thing is that it has a clean and minimalistic interface. Unlike job sites that are crammed with words and images, one actually looks easily accessible and organized for searching for a new job. You can almost say that it is Google of job search portal.

Actually, it is easy to find opportunities. You only need to log in to the site, enter the type of job or industry you are interested in. Then select the city of your choice and press the search button. Thanks to its multiple filters, it actually makes it easier for potential job seekers to cut through the clutter and narrow down to the exact opportunity that suits their needs. Furthermore, as it actually operates directly to job seekers and companies simultaneously, you can be assured that your application and resume are being viewed by the absolute right people.


At first glance, you'll find that Glassdoor is not just a job portal: it's much more than that. The original genesis for Glassdoor was to provide a portal where in-service and ex-employees could conduct honest reviews about a company. Often people are afraid to speak publicly about large multinationals for fear of jeopardizing their careers. Thanks to Glassdoor, employees can rate companies anonymously and also write reviews for their workplace. Since Glassdoor requires you to email @, it ensures that the reviews are genuine and written by real employees who work there.

This is a great resource for the job seeker because it allows you to have a clear unbiased idea about a company's work culture and how it works. For most people, a work-life balance is important and job satisfaction plays an important role. Thanks to Glassdoor, you can see that the company you are applying to pay salaries on time has an open culture and is it a place where you get to learn something and experience career development Will be found for

Apart from this Glassdoor also allows users to upload their resumes and select their choice for the industry in which they are looking for a job. Based on this, the portal will connect you with employers and employers in desired areas. And the best part? All it's free.




Despite the expansion of all multinationals in India, some of the best jobs still remain in the public sector. In fact, government employment not only provides stability, but also provides many perks and reputations that you may not get in a private job.

Also, for those living in small towns and villages, government jobs are the best field in which you can build a brilliant career without actually needing to move to a big city. Jobskari is one of the popular job portals for government jobs in India. This website provides nationwide listings for jobs with the state government along with public sector utilities such as Coal India, MTNL, Indian Oil, etc. Jobsarkery is also one of the only sites launched by announcements to provide instant updates every time. By Indian Railways or public sector banks.

Thanks to its easy filtering process, you can reduce jobs in your preferred area or in your home state. If you are looking for a government job, then job curry should definitely be your first and foremost priority.


Finally, there are tons of you who like to be flexible for the job and for this you have to stick to the desk 12 hours a day. For people like you, freelancing is a great way to earn money while setting your own hours. Also, with freelancing, the amount of money you make depends on how much work you do. As a result, there is no limit to your income if you want to work hard and diligently.

Upwork is one of the best job portals for freelancers in India. The US-based site has experienced jobs around the world. And since it's an international website, payments on it also level up with international standards. A simple 2-day writing or coding job can earn you anything between $ 50- $ 500. Amazing, isn't it?

The best part of it is that Upwork is completely free. The website allows you to create a profile and bid for freelance assignments added every hour. Once you successfully secure an assignment and complete it, Upwork takes a percentage of the total amount. As a result, it's completely transparent. The basic rule is this: You only pay a fee when you get a job.

Placement India

Placement India is a job searching website with job postings of all major companies in all fields of employment. From medical to sales, hospitality to oil and gas jobs, you can find employment in every field here. All you have to do is enter your skillset, preferred location, and click on the search button.

There are categories based on functions, location, industry, skills, roles, fresher jobs, walk-in jobs, and more. Those who want to hire can post job listings for free on this website. So, it is a win-win situation for all. You can also post inquiries and access them later for free.

Job rapids

Naukri Rapido is a well-known employment portal that lets you find jobs in various locations including Europe, Africa, North and South America, and the Asia Pacific. You can make your employment dream come true in America, UAE, UK, Singapore, and many more countries. You can search for jobs by provinces and titles.

Job seekers can register on this website and input their skills and location preferences. They also have a support center to help employers and prospective employees. You can also sign up for their regular email alerts for new opportunities. With such an easy interface, finding the job of your dreams has never been easier or more straightforward.


Freshers live

If you are a fresher and have been rejected by many companies for lack of experience, then this is the right job search website for you. This website gives a fresh chance against experienced applicants and helps them to gain a foothold in the industry of their choice. You can sign up on their portal and also get regular job updates.

Apart from private jobs, Freshers Live has information about government jobs, exam results, top companies, etc. You can also take mock tests on their portal and prepare yourself better for the government examination and interview. Overall, this employment portal completely prepares a novice for the competitive environment of the job market.

Hirist is a ubiquitous job search portal that lets you find jobs in popular as well as developed fields. All types of jobs are available here, such as software, product-based, Oracle and SAP-based, UX-UI designing, sales, marketing, semiconductor jobs, business analytics, and more.

Just register with your email ID and open up a whole world of possibilities. Hirist is for the new generation of job seekers who like to find all the relevant information under one roof and pick the most appropriate of many options. Take a look at this website to find the right job for you.

IIM Jobs

IIM Jobs is created and managed by a team of young professionals, whose goal is to help candidates find the right job. IIM Jobs has listings for almost all sectors and organizations, from major companies like Amazon to new startups. From finance to operations, this platform offers excellent offers in every sector.

You can download their app on your Android device or iPhone and get all the job information. He also has a blog that you can read to keep yourself updated on the latest happenings in the world of employment. Find the best companies on this portal like Ola, Magicbricks, PepsiCo, Amazon, etc. You can also enhance your skills with the course information they provide.

Intern theory

Before finding a permanent job, it is necessary to have at least one internship in your resume. This will increase your credibility with employers and increase your chances of getting offers from big companies. While many companies offer internships, some paid and some unpaid, you must find the right place to kick off your career. This is where intern theory comes in.

On this website, you will be able to find internship options across the country based on your qualification and skill set. They facilitate areas such as content writing, graphic design, finance, marketing, programming, human resources, and more. You will also get options to enhance your skills and make an impression while applying for a job. Full-time, part-time, and work from home internships are featured here.

First Naukri is the portal of the popular job search website, Those who are still out of college or fresh can find suitable job opportunities here. You can also interact with employers, participate in quests, and apply to multiple jobs. College students can also apply for internships on this platform.

In addition to getting a job, First Job also addresses career concerns and provides guidance to students and young professionals. They also have news and the latest updates about the job market and the skills required in the current scenario. You can sort through jobs by city, curriculum, and industries. Upload your CV, participate in an online test, and visit your knowledge bank before setting foot in the corporate world.

Fairy list

Angel List is a job search portal dedicated solely to startups and tech jobs. You can apply to over a lakh startup using this portal and get a job that lets you work independently and productively. In the growing startup culture in the country, Angel List gives you a clear platform to explore your options and make the right choices.

You can also choose to invest in startups through the guidance of Angel List. From developers to sales managers, front end to back end executives, you can find all kinds of jobs here. Browse jobs by location, in and outside India. Give your career a big boost as you explore possibilities in the US and UK.

Neuvoo is a job searching website that is popular worldwide. It helps people find jobs in more than 72 countries including Canada, the USA, Switzerland, UK, France, etc. Jobs in all categories and industries are available here. From office jobs like software, banking, and customer service to jobs like construction, real estate, and craftsmanship, Neuvoo caters to everyone.

You can search for job opportunities by keywords, companies, skills, etc. Just enter your choice of location and going. All you have to do is register on their website and provide your CV and basic details to be seen by potential employers. They also have a customer service department to address questions and help with the process.

The conclusion

With the rapid expansion of the job market, millions of new professionals also graduate every year. As a job seeker, you should first focus on your skills and find out what you are very good at. Most companies prefer specialists who have the necessary skills as well as communication, teamwork, and a good degree of creativity.

As a professional, it is said that you should always work in the same way as you are looking for a new job. This essentially means that you need to invest some time each week in professional self-development.

Once you are ready to change jobs or have decided on an area in which you want to work, just check the list of best job portals in India in this article.

We promise you that you must. Good luck!

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