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Paragraph on Your Brother in 200 words -

 Question: Write a paragraph on ‘Your Brother’ by answering the following questions.

  1. Do you have a brother?
  2. What’s his name?
  3. What class is he in?
  4. What is his favorite game?
  5. What is his favorite subject?
  6. Is he healthy or sick?
  7. What is his hobby?
  8. What does he do in the spare time?

Answer: I have a younger brother. His name is Mahin. He is now ten years old. He is in class five. He is fond of games and sports. When he gets a chance, he goes to play in the playground. His favorite game is cricket. My brother is also a studious student. English is his favorite subject. He is a healthy boy. He hardly becomes sick. My brother has a Robby. He is fond of stamp collection. He has collected stamps from more than fifty countries. He spends his spare time reading books, playing, or hearing music. He is a good boy. I like him very much.

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